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Litter and graffiti solutions.

Put Trash In Its Place


If you’re looking for a solution that will keep trash off the sidewalks in your neighborhood, consider purchasing a trash can from Keep Atlanta Beautiful, Inc.

To help solve our city’s litter problems, we will arrange for installation and maintenance of trash cans that will be permanently placed in your neighborhood, in locations selected by you.  Through our partnership with the Department of Public Works, the trash cans will be installed and maintained by them.

There are a number of funding opportunities available to neighborhoods for raising funds to purchase trash cans, then leave the rest to us!

The process is simple:

Decide how many cans you need, the size of the cans, 32 or 36 gallon, and where they will be permanently located in your neighborhood. Cans must be placed on public property, i.e., city rights of way, sidewalks, medians, etc.

Identify funding sources for your cans, such as NPU or Mayor’s Office grants; Federal, State and Foundation grants; fundraising events; and private sponsors as a few examples.

Call us at (404) 249 5853 for assistance. That's all you have to do!


32-Gallon Can


  • 32-gallon cans with door cost approximately $600 each, including plastic liners.
  • 32-gallon cans without door cost approximately $410 each, including plastic liners.

Total price varies depending on quantity purchased, tax, and shipping costs.

32-gallon trash cans may be customized with decals. Click here for information and an example. Please note: Decals are a separate purchase from the trash cans.

36-Gallon Can


36-gallon cans cost approximately $1210 each, including plastic liners.

Total price varies depending on quantity purchased, tax, and shipping costs.

36-gallon trash cans may be customized with either or both decals and plaques. Click here for information and examples. Please note: Decals and plaques are separate purchases from trash cans.


Click here to see of list of the trash cans we have helped place around the city to date.

Litter Cleanup Supplies

Is your neighborhood littered? Wondering what to do about it? Who will clean it up?

We can help! Keep Atlanta Beautiful, Inc. will provide free trash bags and latex gloves for you and all the volunteers you can recruit to assist in cleaning up your neighborhood.

Take the first step and talk to neighbors, friends, or community groups and contact us to request your cleanup supplies.


Send email to with the following info:

  • Name of Group
  • Date of Cleanup
  • Neighborhood being cleaned up
  • Council District where cleanup will occur
  • Number of volunteers expected
  • Date you want to pick up supplies
  • Do you need to borrow ‘Litter Grabbers’?

Graffiti Paintover

In partnership with Atlanta Paint Disposal and the City of Atlanta, Keep Atlanta Beautiful provides assistance to neighborhoods reporting problems with graffiti.

Atlanta Paint Disposal, the paint recycler for Keep Atlanta Beautiful, collects paint for recycling at each of our monthly recycling events. Atlanta Paint Disposal recycles the paint, and through our “give back” program, provides paint for graffiti paint-overs, at no charge, to City of Atlanta Departments of Parks, Public Works, and Corrections.